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Laundry Room Organization

OCD is the brain child of Professional Organizer, Ellen McCarthy, who  combined her background in commercial and residential lighting travelling every week covering 14 states with relocating seven times in twelve years across the country twice.  Getting to OCD became a way of life to find what she needed when she wanted it! 

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About Us


Simplified Home Solutions

Did you start 2019 as organized as you'd like to be?   Are you finding the clothes, shoes, snow boots, hats & glove as quickly as needed to get out the door?  Did all of the Holiday decor get replaced and labeled easily for 2019 Holiday installation?  We can help you build a system that works best for you, that functions well, cuts your stress, saves you time and money!

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Relocation Preparation

If you're hoping to sell your home in St. Louis and need help sorting through what to keep/pack; donate/sell quickly and need help de-cluttering to get the most value on your largest asset, then put our OCD to work for you with turn-key services to make moving EASY!

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Transitioning to New Space

Whether it's downsizing, up-sizing or right-sizing in St. Louis, OCD can help the move go smoothly with a professional organizer to determine what to keep, donate or trash, the de-cluttering process to get your home ready to list!  Helpful home organization services for seniors,  busy working Moms & Dads, newly single or divorced people adjusting to different spaces, kids' playrooms, basements and garages to optimize the space you're in or the new space you're going to!  

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Is your St. Louis garage in disarray? We can professionally organize the shelves and walls so everything fits functionally and is visually appealing. Are you seeking the home organization solutions to manage your spaces, know where to find everything, streamline duplicates.

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Put My OCD to Work For YOU!

FREE home organization consultation and estimates in St. Louis!  Leave it to the professional organizer to edit your closets, streamline the stuff, save time and money! We look forward to meeting you soon.

Organizational Concepts & Design

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